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Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)

To solve the increasing problem of unemployment the only solution is entrepreneurship and for creating more number of Entrepreneurs. Young Hopes of India Foundation has designed a three phased Entrepreneurship Development Program. 

Rural Development Program (RDP)

 For providing opportunities to rural youth, Young Hopes of India Foudnation has designed Rural Development Program which involves a training program to enhance Rural activities, simple management, cooperative skills of youth so they can develop their local villages by simple but magnificent ideas. RDP by YHIF works on the simple rural principles in an organized manner. It will be covering three major Rural kind of projects 


Leadership Development Program (LDP)

  “The direction of development of a society depends on the direction of its leader”. Good leaders in different fields of society contribute to upliftment of living standards of that community. We all know that India is home for more den 1.2 billion population and for this huge population we need different leaders in different fields.

Skill Development Program (SDP)

Skill Development Program aims at increasing the number of skilled workers for local and foreign technology to match industrial standards which will attract industries to set up their plants and projects in the region. SDP By YHIF is a three phased program aims at increasing the skill level of local youth matching industrial standards and make them employable.    

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