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“The direction of development of a society depends on the direction of its leader”. Good leaders in different fields of society contribute to upliftment of living standards of that community. We all know that India is home for more den 1.2 billion population and for this huge population we need different leaders in different fields. 

Evolution of leadership determines the growth of society and for a better society better leaders with desired exposure and experience is necessary. We all know that we lack in number of good economic, political, social and cultural leaders, and to solve this program leadership should be encouraged in different fields. And they need to have full exposure of that particular field instead of being fed up by that normal experience of how to fed your family.  


To enhance leadership skills and to create leaders of future generation in different fields YHIF has designed an integrated Leadership Development program which aims at providing a platform to network and communicate with leaders from different fields and know their life story in their own words. It will consist of series of lectures, video sessions, workshops, assignments, projects, competitions which aims at providing exposure of different circumstances and opportunities.  

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