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As we all know that India has largest Youth population and almost 10 million students are completing their education every year means there is a need of 10 million jobs every year but more than 9 million people are being added to the list of unemployed or disguised unemployed. The only solution to this increasing unemployment is entrepreneurship i.e. more & more job creators. For creating Entrepreneurs in bulk YHIF has designed a three phased Entrepreneurship Development Program.  

First Phase

Personality Development Centre(s) (PDC)

PDC is the basic unit of EDP by YHIF in a school, it will comprise a training program of 2 years having curriculum based on entrepreneurial needs for school children through various Lectures, video sessions, workshops, events, Camps & Competition to develop the personality and mentality required to be an entrepreneur.  

Second Phase

Entrepreneurship Development Cell(s) (EDC)

EDC is the second unit of EDP by YHIF in a college/University, it will comprise an Advanced training program for college students designed so as to give a practical shape of an entrepreneurial personality to potential entrepreneurs. In this more focus will be given to specific ideation, Networking opportunities and exposure to real time Entrepreneurial projects and to know their story and timeline.

Third Phase 


As the number of potential entrepreneurs in the region increases their will be an increase in demand for incubators to incubate the upcoming entrepreneurial projects. To fulfil this integrated incubation system by incubators of YHIF will become a boost for economy where entrepreneurs will have access to all the resources required to give their dream a shape in reality.     

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