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“The number of skilled workers and their dedication determines the number of industries in that region” India is having huge population but still we lack in number of skilled workers in different technologies. Skill Development Program aims at increasing the number of skilled workers for local and foreign technology to match industrial standards which will attract industries to set up their plants and projects in the region. SDP By YHIF is a three phased program aims at increasing the skill level of local youth matching industrial standards and make them employable.  


This part focus on basic skills and aims at training a person in basic skills like computer typing, accounts etc so as he/she can get their livelihood at least. 


In this a person will be trained in association of local Industries so as to adopt domestic technology and can earn livelihood and enhance Indian industry.  


In this a person will be trained in association with foreign countries or Industries to be skilled for that technology and can earn a fancy livelihood and attracting Foreign Industries to operate locally.    

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